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"Sustainable self-care for tired and stressed mums" 



Inside "Sustainable self-care for tired & stressed mums"

we will explore...

- 5 mistakes you might be making to keep you feeling stuck, stressed and overwhelmed

- Simple yet powerful practice that you can do every day to take your health to the next level

This gift is for ...

- new mums who are exhausted and overwhelmed 

- mums of young kids who long for more calm & peace 

A few words from your instructor...

Hey beautiful mama! My name is Chika and I'm a Yoga Australia registered teacher, with 13 years of practice. I've been teaching yoga & mindfulness for the last 7 years. I'm also a mum with an almost 5-year-old daughter so I understand how crazy life can be as a mum!

I've been helping hundreds of mothers find calm & peace through the healing power of yoga & mindfulness and I'd love to help YOU too!


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 Chika from Wa Yoga

Yoga Australia registered teacher


Perfect for busy mums

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"This FREE gift will show you 5 mistakes you might be making in your life to help you create a sustainable self-care practice no matter how crazy or chaotic your life might be. 

This gift is for any mum who wants to reduce stress & overwhelm, and be more present and patient with your little one.

I'm passionate about helping you prioritise self-love and self-care so you can become a happier & healthier version of you. I believe you need to fill your cup first to be able to give more to others. If any of this resonates with you, take action TODAY and say YES to this free gift so you can make your motherhood journey more joyful and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to connecting with you”

- Chika, the founder of Wa Yoga and Yoga Australia registered teacher and mother of an almost 5-year-old daughter

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