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free online yoga 

this International Yoga Day


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Free online yoga with me this International Yoga Day

Yes, please!


In this FREE online class, you'll learn how to reduce stress and find calm through the following practices...


Simple & powerful practice

to calm your busy mind

Yang Yoga

Active, repetitive movements

to build strength in your body

Yin Yoga

Long-held floor poses

to release tension and gain flexibility

Conscious Relaxation

Full body relaxation

to restore your energy

About your instructor

Chika is a Yoga Australia registered teacher with an almost 5 year old daughter. She's been practising yoga for 13 years and teaching for the 7 years and has seen hundreds of people transform their lives through the healing power of yoga & mindfulness. She's a creator of an online membership called the Mindful Mama Membership, supporting busy mums to embrace short, simple & sustainable practice from home. 

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Join Chika at 1pm Sydney time on Monday 21st June 2021

The class will be held live on zoom

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Yin & Yang online yoga with Chika

30-minute online yoga class for busy mums









Student Testimonials

From working mums juggling work & family



"Chika’s online classes have been very educational and she is a very inspiring teacher. For a mum, the shorter class times make for a much easier commitment from home. Having more frequent classes and the replays available serve as a good reminder to keep up a regular yoga practice." Lauren


"As a people manager, I need to look after my team members at work. As a mom, I need to make sure my daughter is happy. While I was struggling to deal with the stress and polarities, I met Chika online when seeking remedies to mend the pain. By attending her sessions, I slowly learned to take a moment just for myself away from my office and motherhood to neutralize the heavy demands on my shoulders. I recommend all busy moms to experience the conscious relaxation journey with Chika to lighten the mental and physical demands." Rena


"My daughter and I first met Chika when my daughter was very young and always hyperactive! Chika’s beautiful, calm, exploratory classes put a wave of calmness over her. As a pre teen now she loves to do meditation and I can say without doubt that was Chika’s amazing influence. I’ve been practicing with Chika for many years now and as a busy mum juggling work and home life, find the convenience of her shorter online classes with replays an absolute Godsend as I can work it into my day as required. I highly recommend Chika to anyone looking for a calming, relaxing experience for you on your own or to share with your special little ones so they too can benefit Chika’s amazing unique influence!" Sandra


Please note these testimonials are from existing students of Mindful Mama Membership, (paid online membership) Replays are only available for paid clients.