Meditation for Breastfeeding Mothers

Helping you feel calm & relaxed as you nurse your baby. FREE 10-minute meditation video for breastfeeding or bottle feeding mothers. 

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 This FREE video is for you if you...

  • Get bored while nursing your baby and want to break the habit of mindlessly scrolling social media
  • Want to get out of head and feel more connected to your own body
  • Want to let go of stress & overwhelm
  • Want to release worries & anxiety
  • Want to feel calm & relaxed,  centred and grounded  
  • Want to find more joyful moments in motherhood
  • Want to be more present & patient with your baby
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In this video, you will learn...

- How to practice mindfulness of breathing 

- How to become more mindful of your posture while nursing your baby

- How to be more present in each moment of motherhood

- How to feel grounded & centred in your own body




A few words from instructor

“Hey lovely! I've created this video for your because I wanted to help you feel less stressed and become more present & patient with your baby. This video will show you how mindfulness can be practised in an ordinary moment and how to find joy in somewhat mundane moment of motherhood.”

- Chika, the founder of Wa Yoga and Yoga Australia registered teacher

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