Finding Calm

amid Chaos

FREE online yoga class

for mums of young kids 

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Here's a special gift for YOU, busy mama!

Do you need a break from taking care of everyone and ready to give yourself much needed "me time"? If your life is crazy and chaotic because of looking after a newborn or homeschooling kids while working from home, it's more important than ever before to take care of the most important person - YOU!

In this special masterclass, you will be guided into slowing right down for  mindful breathing and movements to help you find balance in your busy life. If your cup feels empty and it's time to recharge your batteries, this express class is for you.

FREE online yoga

Yin & Yang Yoga & Mindfulness

 with a Yoga Australia registered teacher,

Chika Yamawaki from Wa Yoga



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This class is for you if you are...

  • a mum of young kids (from newborn to primary schooler) 
  • at least 6-weeks postpartum (8-weeks if you had a cesarean birth)
  • ready to prioritise you time to recharge your batteries
  • ready to take action to look after your health & wellbeing
  • ready to find calm & peace in the midst of chaos

This class is NOT for you if you...

  • are pregnant
  • had a baby in the last 6 weeks (or 8 weeks if you had a cesarean birth) and haven't received approval from your GP to recommence general exercise
  • are looking for a strong, vinyasa or ashtanga style yoga class
  • want mums & bubs yoga or kids yoga


express class

immediately accessible by joining a designated Facebook group 

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at 5pm Tuesday 5 May

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In this 30-minute free trial class, you will learn...

  • Simple pranayama (breath control) practice
  • How to safely practise yin yoga poses
  • How to balance yin yoga poses with more active yang yoga poses 
  • Stay mindfully present in each moment of your practice
  • How to practise deep relaxation


At the end of the class, you're likely to... 

  • feel calm & relaxed 
  • feel centred & grounded
  • feel balanced in your mind, body & heart
  • be more present & patient with your kids

Message from the instructor

Hey beautiful mama! My name is Chika and I'm a Yoga Australia registered teacher, with nearly 12 years of practice. I've been teaching yoga & mindfulness in Sydney for the last 6 years.

I've helped hundreds of mums find calm & peace through the healing power of yoga & mindfulness and I'd love to help you too. Looking forward to stretching out with you soon!